2 more days left!!
Friday, July 6, 2007
Alright, so its left with just 1 day to the event and we're all extremely busy trying to sort things out and putting things into place. We managed to get our event highlighted in The Star today so a great big thanks to them.

Most of you guys have already registered so now its left with the nitty gritty stuff. First of all, many of you wanna know how to get there. Three options

1) Drive

Well should be a good option since its Sunday morning and you can actually zoom through town freely and we do have ample car parking spaces around. Here's the location map if you need it.
Right behind the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL after Jalan Loke Yew. As long as you get to Hotel Midah, its on the same row.

2) Monorail

A pretty easy option if you have access to the Monorail line. Just alight at Maharajalela station and walk towards the Chinese Assembly Hall exit. Just walk pass the Chinese Assembly Hall and towards Hotel Midah and walk a little bit more on the same row of Hotel Midah and you can already see the yellow building.

3) Putra LRT

Can be taken but you gotta walk a little bit. Alight at Pasar Seni and if you know how to walk towards the end of Petaling Street where there is a Chinese temple there, then do so and cross the main road to go to the hall.

Other issues:

- Please do get there before 9 am. Signing up starts at 8 am
- Dress code is casual but please keep your rugged torn and super faded jeans and your japanese slippers at home if you don't mind
- For any enquiries or if you get lost or anything, please call Mahen at 0124868271 so its a good idea to save this number in your phonebooks now.

Nothing else I guess, See you there... We'll have a Rocking day on Sunday!!!
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